Frequently Asked Questions


What Makes green Owls different than Columbia eco-reps?

Eco-reps influences student habits through campus operations measures implemented exclusively in areas that Columbia College (CC) students access that the Columbia Housing Office has jurisdiction over – namely, CC student dining, dorms, recycling, and waste. Green Owls thus arose from a desire for more in-depth conversation on the core tenets of sustainability, beyond campus and Western views of sustainability, to understand the “why” of sustainability as a way of being and thinking that is then translated to practice. Green Owls are also inclusive of all schools.

Who can join the green owls team?

Anyone can join Green Owls! Our public discussions always include non-student participants, and you may find members of the surrounding NYC community at our meetings.



Green Owls is a democratic organization where we encourage all voices to be heard in all realms of decision making. However, we do have a team of students who facilitate events.

  • Executive Founder/Chair:
    Estrella Verenice Castillo
    (GS ‘19, Sociocultural Anthropology)

  • Co-Founder: Alex “Owlex” Loznak
    (CC ‘19, Sustainable Development, B.A.)

  • (Former) Karla Puga
    (GS ‘19, Sociocultural Anthropology, B.A.)

  • (Former) Jenna Marie Rackerby
    (GS ‘19, Political Science/ Sustainable Development, B.A.)

  • Henry Clemente
    (Facilities Staff Shop Steward and Spiritual Guide)

  • (Former) Max Goodman
    (GS ‘19, Economics, B.A.)

  • Co-Founder: Mary Bannister
    (GS ‘19, Sustainable Development, B.A.)

  • Co-Founder: Abigail Stickney
    (GS ‘19, B.A.)

  • (Former) Max Zimberg (GS)

  • Anuta Rathe (GS, ‘20)

  • Chris Parent (GS, ‘20)

how can i join the team?

JOIN THE NEST by attending our general body meetings and discussions.
You can also reach out by emailing  Check the calendar for our gathering locations and times.