Who are the The Green Owls?

THE GREEN Owls ARE AN INTERCOLLEGIATE student founded, run and operated CLUB.

WE ARE DEDICATED TO RAISING AWARENESS ABOUt Environmentally minded practices WITH AN EMPHASIS ON INTERSECTIONAL PERSPECTIVEs, self-reflection, and on-campus collaboration.

current Co-Sponsorships include: Sunrise Columbia,The Food Pantry at Columbia, Our Children’s Trust, Student Worker Solidarity, the office of environmental stewardship, and the g.s. green team.

The Executive Board:

Estrella Verenice Castillo, Founder & 2017-19 Chair
(GS ‘19, Sociocultural Anthropology)

Alex “Owlex” Loznak, Director of Outreach (2017-19)
(CC ‘19, Sustainable Development, B.A.)

Mary Bannister, Director of Technology (2017-19)
(GS ‘19, Sustainable Development, B.A.)

Abigail Rose Stickney, Director of Communications (2017-19)
(GS ‘19, East Asian Languages and Culture, B.A.)

Damián Hernandez, Director of Communications (incoming, 2019-20)
(GS ‘20, B.A.)

Jenna Rackerby, Chair (incoming 2019-20, former 2018-19 Project Manager)
(GS ‘20, Political Science and Environmental Policy, B.A.)

Anuta Rathe, Director of Development (2018-19)
(GS ‘19, Psychology, B.A.)

Vincent Holley, Director of Finance (incoming, 2019-20)
(GS ‘19, Financial Economics, B.A.)

Henry Clemente, Outreach P.O.C. (2017-present)
(Columbia Facilities Shop Steward)

Mattathias Pinchover, Director of Technology (2019)
(GS ‘19, Computer Science, B.A.)

Daniel Dantes, Director of Finance (2019)
(GS ‘20, B.A.)

Max Zimberg, Co-President (2017-18)
(GS ‘19, Ecology, Environmental Science, and Evolutionary Biology [E3B], B.A.)

Karla Puga, Events and Education P.O.C. (2017-18)
(GS ‘20, Sociocultural Anthropology, B.A.)



Estrella Verenice Castillo, Executive Founder

Estrella is a Sociocultural Anthropology undergraduate student at the School of General Studies (G.S.) at Columbia University. Estrella is a Xicana who grew up in San Diego, California and a Mestiza from México. She is a fellow with the G.S. Program for Academic Leadership and Service (William Randolph Hearst Foundation scholar), former board member of the First-Generation Student Advisory Board, GS Student Representative on the Columbia Sustainable Leaders Network committee, and is dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and collaboration on environmental and social matters. Prior to matriculating at Columbia, she obtained an Associate Degree in Sociology, volunteered for and was employed as a community organizer with groups ranging in focus from environmental health, feminist pedagogy, critical spirituality, and worker's rights. These projects sharpened her interests in interdisciplinary approaches to the issue of climate change. Estrella is applying to PhD programs in the fall of 2019 and hopes to eventually obtain a professorship.


Abigail Rose Stickney

Abigail is originally from Spokane, Washington and is in the Dual BA Program with Sciences Po and Columbia University. She is completing a major in East Asian Languages and Cultures. Abigail believes every person can and must care deeply for the future of the Earth and our interchange with our planet and each other. Only by working together can we make lasting change.


Alex “Owlex” Loznak

Alex is an undergraduate student of Sustainable Development at Columbia College and a youth plaintiff in the first ever constitutional climate lawsuit in the U.S–Juliana v USA. He is from Oakland, OR where his family has owned and operated a farm for seven generations. Alex started a Climate Change Club at Roseburg High School, started the League of Umpqua Climate Youth (“LUCY”), and has lobbied his state legislators to pass comprehensive climate legislation. Alex has also conducted extensive research for Juliana v. USA and is dedicated to the protection of the public trust.


Mary Bannister

Mary is a Sustainable Development major in the Dual BA Program between Columbia University and Sciences Po. She is passionate about sustainable living and fostering dialogue about addressing climate change on global and local scales, from looking at climate change impacts on the marine ecosystem in her native south Florida, to conducting research in Kakamega, Kenya through the Foundation for Sustainable Development. Mary is particularly interested in environmental justice and the human rights of climate change, and looks forward to engaging with other students passionate about working for the protection of the planet and everyone on it.