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The Green Owls student collective was founded in 2017 at the School of General Studies at Columbia University by students inspired to more deeply understand and shape the long-term relationship between Earth and all of our co-habitants. We facilitate educational programming regarding intersectional and critical environmental issues, the rights of nature, the public trust, and intergenerational environmental equity. We are guided by our four-C objective: critical reflection, cultural exchange, celebration, and collaboration.

Our “nest” is a microcosm of the world we wish to see. That world includes YOU!

GIVE A HOOT – attend organizing meetings every Tuesday at 7:30pm at Brownies Cafe (Avery basement, TBA)

REACH THE NEST – greenowlscu@gmail.com | greenowls@columbia.edu


FB/INSTA – Green Owls CU / @greenowlscu


Click HERE to watch Naomi Klein and Winona LaDuke talk about climate change, land rights, consent, healing, and more!

Read: “Columbia’s ‘sustainable development’ needs indigenous perspectives,” by Green Owls Executive Founder, Estrella Verenice Castillo