The Green Owls is a student collective of “self-reflective owls” founded in 2017 at Columbia University. We facilitate peer-run educational programming on matters concerning intersectional environmentalism, host community gatherings, and encourage sustainable behavioral habits in our campus spaces and community sometimes in collaboration with ally admin–including the Office of Environmental Stewardship, the School of General Studies Green Team, and the Director of Sustainability at Barnard, Sandra Goldmark. Guided by a three-C objective–critical reflection, cultural exchange, and collaboration, The Green Owls ultimately strive to foster equitable, sustainable relations between humanity and the environment–starting within ourselves and our campus community!

Read The Green Owls constitution HERE.

Click HERE to watch Naomi Klein and Winona LaDuke talk about climate change, land rights, consent, healing, and more!

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Read: “Columbia’s ‘sustainable development’ needs indigenous perspectives,” by The Green Owls Executive Founder, Estrella Verenice Castillo